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We all do it.

Since American business occurs between people by choice, it has a relationship component. Inside these relationships, both workers and clients engage to create opportunity.

There are basic but important distinctions to consider and abide by. People can feel the difference between working for someone and working with someone. Clients can feel the difference between getting sold and being served.  

Schedules and inventory can be managed, but people become engaged when they're effectively led and fulfilled. It's not rocket science, it's biology. 


Some do it well.

Stockholm Syndrome shouldn't be a corporate retention strategy.


Too many people go to work every day and describe the experience as if they're trapped in it. Despite being surrounded by colleagues on the same mission, they feel isolated and vulnerable. 

We work in an era where it’s not uncommon to hear a shameless description of the “dog eat dog” nature of office environments and we accept the lie that “it’s just business”.

The recorded success of humanity on earth can be directly attributed to our singular ability to effectively collaborate for our own group's success.  

So why aren't more corporate organizations today enjoying the same collective benefit and cultural fulfillment that our shared history has biologically wired us for? And most interestingly, what are the companies who are getting it right doing differently?


We can do better.

An expensive problem is being measured by the Gallup Organization's track of employee engagement. As of last August 2017, their data shows that on average, more than 2/3rds of American workers are disengaged at work every day. Their apathy is responsible for operational dysfunction that comes at a cost to everyone... employees, owners, and their clients. 

Though it's sometimes hard to see, everyone wants to work where they can feel useful and have a purpose. The disconnection and fear-based control of so many work cultures can suppress it, or drive it out of people, but it’s always there and it re-emerges in the right environment.  

If you want to increase your company's output, let's increase your team’s input, because you're already paying for it.

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